Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Marriage councelling

Some days back my father got a msg form the chitpavan brahman sanghatana that they were conducting a marriage counselling session for the 'about to be married' people and their parents. Never having attended such a session and quite curious to find out how it goes my father asked me if i wanted to come along and see what it was all about. Well, my father never had a chance to go groom hunting for me, as i have done that myself, so i wasn't going to deny him this part of the fun. We went there and had a good time. People really are concerned about things, which I find petty, like, 'mulila mangal ahe' or 'mulga lagna nantar americet rahanar ahe, so tikde settle honari mulgich havi' etc. We had a good laugh narrating some of those 'concerns' to my mom at dinner time later that evening.
Neways, when i went there i had taken along my sketchbook, so here's the doodle.


  1. hahaha....this is hilarious...territories define kara!

    1. hehe yeah it was :P some of the 'concerns' of parents were funny too...